The Ultimate Offshore Saltwater Fishing Experience in the Beautiful Gulf Coast...

Offshore Fishing

  • Grey Triggerfish

  • Red Snapper

  • Lane Snapper

  • Grouper

  • Cobia

  • Amber Jack

  • King Mackeral

  • Spanish Mackeral

  • Sheepshead

  • Hogfish

  • Sharks


Choose a 4 or 8 hour excursion to all the hot fishing spots out of Bayport, Hernando Beach, Pasco & Citrus County

All bait and gear will be provided if you aren't able to bring your own equipment (Rods, Reels, etc.)
Fuel costs are included in the trip rate. We will provide water and ice. You may bring your own food and drinks including alcoholic beverages. 

All caught fish will be cleaned and ready to cook by Capt. Ernie
Complimentary Photos of Your Lazy Day Adventure & Catch will be mailed to you in beautiful glossy photos up on request.

What to Bring

  • Beverages including beer & wine

  • Food

  • Polarized Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen

  • Change of Warm Clothes & Rain Gear

  • Fishing Licence Not Required


Fare includes up to 4 Fishing Guests

4 Hours Offshore – $450
8 Hours Offshore– $700


**Please be sure to read our "All Aboard" page before booking any charter, cruise, or tour.

Contact Capt. Ernest with the details of your desired charter. A minimum of a 50% deposit must be made in order to book your date. The other 50% of the payment must be made on the day of your charter, cruise, or tour. Payments may be made via Credit Card, Paypal, or Cash. Checks will not be accepted.